Ontario is Canada???s leader in wind energy with almost 2,000MW ??? enough to power about 600,000 homes. Ontario has become one of North America???s most attractive markets for clean energy investment, creating new jobs and economic opportunities in local communities across the province.
Between now and 2018 wind energy is expected to:

  • Create over 80,000 person years of employment [PYE represent one year of employment for one individual (i.e. 40 hours per week for 52 weeks)].
  • Attract more than $16 billion in private sector
  • Supply over $8.5 billion in Ontario???s manufacturing, construction and service sectors.
  • Provide more than $1.1 billion of revenue for communities and landowners in the form of taxes and lease payments over the 20-year lifespan of the projects.

Benefits for our Community

Comber Gosfield Wind Farm

During construction, the Comber Gosfield Wind Farm here in Essex County invested more than $80 million in Ontario, with over 90 per cent of expenditures within a 75 km radius. Most of equipment rentals, permanent materials, professional services, subcontractors and 99 per cent of the workforce required to build the wind farm came from less than an hour???s drive, resulting in a substantial boost to the local economy.

Comber Gosfield Wind will have many lasting benefits for Essex County communities

  • Commissioned by Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners in 2010-2011, Comber Gosfield Wind is Canada???s largest wind farm, delivering enough electricity to power over 70,000 homes annually.
  • A new operations and maintenance facility in Comber will have a staff of 15 new, permanent employees.
  • Farmers and landowners hosting Comber Gosfield wind turbines are sharing $2 million in lease payments each year.
  • The towns of Kingsville and Lakeshore are sharing $500,000 annually in tax payments and community improvement contributions.

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