Mid South Contractors ULC performs complete electrical contracting services for planning, construction, installation, and maintenance of a wide range of infrastructure project and government facility projects. From transportation projects like highways and tunnels to military, agricultural, recreation, and environmental projects, Mid South has the knowledge and experience to perform the electrical and electronic system work professionally and safely. A few of the major projects that we have completed in this category include:

Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway

The Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway (The Parkway) is a major $1.4 billion highway infrastructure project located in the municipalities of Windsor, LaSalle, and Tecumseh, in Ontario, Canada, with the aim of improving traffic flow at Canada???s primary gateway with the United States. The Parkway spans an 11 kilometre corridor, and is comprised of a 6-lane, below-grade extension of Highway 401, a 4-lane, at-grade extension of Highway 3 including a multi-lane roundabout, and the 20 km Parkway Trail set within 120 hectares of green space situated alongside the two highway extensions and across the 11 tunnel tops.

Mid South Contractors ran conduits and cable, fabricated electrical panels, and performed a range of electrical work. We also completed installation of the $1 million Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS). Construction began in 2011 and was completed in 2016.

Ministry of Transportation Offices (MTOs) in Windsor and Sarnia

The MTOs handle driver???s licences, accessible parking permits, and driver records, as well as vehicle registrations, licence plates, permits, renewals, stickers, and used vehicle sales. Mid South Contractors performed approximately $400,000 worth of electrical upgrades to the weigh scale systems at the Windsor and Sarnia 401 MTOs.

City of Windsor

Multi-modal Cargo Development

Mid South Contractors was selected as the electrical contractor for the Multi-modal Cargo Development at Windsor International Airport aimed at developing a Windsor/Detroit logistics corridor. The three building development includes a sort facility for Federal Express Canada Ltd. (FedEx), an office/research/testing/training facility for University of Windsor???s Institute for Border Logistics and Security (IBLS), and a cargo building with crossdock.

Construction began in September 2015. Mid South installed electrical power (including conveyors) and lighting as well as access control/security systems and connections to electrical utilities.

Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Joint Operations Command

Her Majesty???s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Hunter Naval Reserve Training Facility

Mid South Contractors ULC performed complete electrical contracting services for construction of a new 5805 m?? facility in Windsor, Ontario, to accommodate the HMCS Hunter Naval Reserve and up to three cadet corps. Located at the Mill Cove Marina on the Detroit River, this facility is capable of supporting 250 personnel and includes a main building with a drill deck, classrooms, offices, messes, storage, a boatlift, and a boat shed.

Government Canada

Harrow Research and Development Centre Greenhouses

Government Canada utilized Mid South Contractors ULC for electric work on the wiring and controls for the greenhouse at the Harrow Research and Development Centre in Harrow, Ontario. The Centre is of one of the largest greenhouse research complex facilities in North America with 0.7 hectares of state-of-the-art greenhouses and 139 hectares at Harrow and another 77 hectares in Woodslee. Their research includes sustainable agriculture, crop production, invasive species, and greenhouse production systems. These facilities require controlled lighting and airflow, so Harrow relied on Mid South to help them with optimal operational controls to do so.

Town of Tecumseh

Bert Lacasse Park Baseball Diamond Field Lighting

With funding from the federal government and the town of Tecumseh, the Bert Lacasse Park Baseball Diamond facility received a batch of upgrades in 2013, including replacing the outdated lighting system and electrical controls with new, state-of-the-art equipment, installing an outfield warning track, and installing a support system and electrical wiring for a donated scoreboard.

Mid South Contractors ULC was selected to perform the electrical work for these upgrades, which included removal of the old systems; the supply, design, and installation of the new lighting system; and power feed to the new lights from a newly constructed mechanical building. Mid South also performed excavation, trenching, underground conduit and wiring, breaker sizing, and backfill of duct trenches.

Leamington, Amherstburg, and Ridgetown

Pollution Control Centres

Mid South Contractors ULC performed $3.5 million in electrical contracting services for construction of the new Leamington Pollution Control Centre (LPPC). The LPPC is a conventional activated sludge plant, consisting of screw pumps, bar screens, grit removal, primary clarifiers, aeration tanks with blowers, secondary clarifiers, UV disinfection, and a storm water retention pond. Demolition of the old pollution control centre included above and below grade demolition of 20 buildings and structures.

Mid South also completed $3 million in electrical work for the Reservoir Upgrade and Redundancy Project at the Amherstburg Water Treatment Plant and $1.7 million at the Ridgetown facility in Chatham-Kent.

Windsor-Detroit Tunnel Authority


Mid South Contractors ULC completed the extensive tunnel relighting project. The tunnel utilizes 81.3 kilometres of conduit and contains 574 electrical lights within its 1573 metre length.