gosfield & comber wind projectsBrookfield Renewable Power, a leading generator and developer of renewable energy, and general contractor Mortenson Canada awarded Mid South Contractors the design/build EPC electrical contract for two onshore wind projects in Ontario’s Essex County.

The turnkey design, procurement, construction, and commissioning of the 50-megawatt (MW) Gosfield Wind Project in Kingsville included installation of 22 2.3MW 80-metre wind turbines, 115kV step-up substation, 20 miles of overhead and underground collection, and a SCADA System for system monitoring and control. Mid South also performed the turbine grounding, wiring, and conduit work for the $16 million EPC electrical contract.

Our project team supervised a field workforce of more than 80 tradespeople at the peak of the project. Mid South also played a key role in the engineering and procurement aspects of the project, which was commissioned in 2010.

At 166MW, the Comber Wind Project is more than triple the size of Gosfield, and Mid South’s role included design, procurement, construction, installation, and commissioning of a collection substation, almost 50 miles of underground collection, roughly 60 miles of overhead collection work, and 72 2.3MW Siemens turbines. The electrical contract value was $40 million and the project was completed in 2011.

One of the unique aspects of the Comber Wind Project was coordination with the local utility for the substation and overhead collection work. Much of the overhead collection system was constructed jointly with Hydro One (HONI).

Together, the Gosfield and Comber wind projects generate enough clean, renewable energy annually to power over 70,000 average homes. Mid South is proud of its work on these projects and that both were completed on time, within budget, and without safety issues.

“Comber Gosfield Wind was an excellent experience for the local construction industry. Over 300 local tradespeople worked on the project and 90 percent of project materials and rentals were purchased from local distributors and suppliers. With the opportunity to perform wind turbine maintenance services, Comber Gosfield will be very beneficial to our company and the community for years to come.”

– John Salvatore, President, Mid South Contractors ULC